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@KeodeRabbit"working with VCustom3d was a blast, every time I see a work in progress image I get so excited, the best part is the fact they made my art into a 3d model. they made it come to life! for the price it was worth it for everything my model included! and they are very responsive to any question or concerns I had in order to make it to my own vision"
@FeefCh"I had a pleasure working VCUSTOM3D, they've made such an accurate recreation of my Live2D to a 3D Model. They kept me updated with the creation of the model every step of the way, addressed any concerns I had along the way and even made guides to making sure the model's set up properly for VSeeFace, VRC, etc. I'm incredibly happy with how my model came out and I'm excited to do content with it. I highly recommend VCUSTOM3D if you're looking to have a 3d model made!"
Ashe"I am so extremely happy with the work done by VCustom3D on my model! The quality of the model is amazing and they were very quick to respond with all questions. All revisions were done super quick too. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Everything came out perfectly and I highly recommend VCustom3D!"
@Binotweets"Worked swiftly with frequent very good updates, communication was fantastic and strived for the end-product to meet my standards. All the additional toggles works amazingly as well!!"
@AshArclight"Working with them was a pleasure. They were really responsive and informative. The trello board was a great way of being able to watch the progress and the guides for implementing the model in VRC and VSF were detailed and easy to follow! I would easily recommend to those needing a great 3D model!"
@AlfhildeO"Working with VCUSTOM3D was smooth the entire way through. He always replied fast to any questions and provided model updates with trello. When I had feedback he would always fix said problems without any issues , which I really appreciate ! He has also helped me with support for my model after it was finished. So I highly recommend him"
@Lithiia"It was very nice working with VCustom3D. They were great at communicating and making sure I got what I wanted. My model turned out better then I was hoping! I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend them."
@mikyuuchuu"Very easy to work with, great communication, and very tolerant when it comes to revisions and changes; not to mention the amazing model that looks identical to the ref!"
@Skrully_"I had a great experience working with VCUSTOM3D! I had no knowledge about 3D models or how modeling works but all of my questions were answered as they were brought up. The model that I had commissioned turned out amazing, and I was updated every step of the way til it’s completion. I would definitely recommend looking into working with them if you are looking for a 3D model yourself!"
@SkylerReach"VCUSTOM3D has been incredible to work with and I couldn’t have asked for a better 3D papa! The deadline I originally set was met, and I was able to give my input and customize my model along the way. VCUSTOM3D is super quick to respond to all of my questions and provides helpful step-by-step instructions on how to use the model. Extremely helpful to those of us who have exclusively used Live2D and have no idea what programs to use for the transition into 3D. On top of that, he also provided his own updates to the completed model, making it look better than it already did. Overall, super happy with this transaction and I hope to be able to continue to work with VCUSTOM3D on future projects. Thank you for making my dream 3D model!"
@Mimyoi"I only can recommend them as your 3D Modeler, it was an amazing experience and they put so much detail into it and everything worked out, I got even more then I could wish for, I’m so happy with it and I love to work more with them because it was such a good experience!!! Totally can recommend it >< Through trello everything was updated, if I had some questions or asked for changes everything was so fast!"
@StellaLunaVT"VCustom3D is absolutely an amazing 3D modeler. Not only did they create such an amazing model but they have really great communication skills and kept me updated every step of the way. I really do recommend them!"
@echoesvtuber"I really enjoyed working with VCUSTOM3D for my 3D model! Not only do they communicate with you very well, but they make adjustments as needed and provide helpful technical support. Prices are reasonable, all costs are laid out for you, and they remain transparent the entire time"
@KizuiVT"Working with VCustom3D was an absolute treasure. I'm so happy with not only how my 3D model came out for vtubing, but also with how my VRChat model came out. They are extremely understanding when it comes to revisions and questions regarding the commission, and I highly recommend them! If you are unsure about how to work anything, they even send a detailed guide about how to work certain programs or upload avatars into specific software. They were amazing to work with, and I hope they continue to grow in the future!"